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Caring for your glasses

Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water.

Clean your glasses' lenses using warm water and mild detergent, like washing-up liquid or diluted hand soap.

Do not scrub too hard.

Rinse the lenses under cool water and use a microfibre cloth to gently dry them.

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If you have coated lenses, you can spray both sides of your lenses with a specialist lens cleaner which will reduce the risk of scratching.

Gently rub your lenses with a lens cloth, wiping away the solution as you clean.

Using a lens cleaner is a great option to make sure your lenses are streak-free, as there’s no need to dry them off afterwards.

Don’t use paper towels, dishtowels or tissues to wipe your lenses. They can often leave particles of dust or dirt on your lenses, causing micro-scratches.

If you have anti-fog lenses special cleaning instructions may apply, so get in touch and we can help.